What Can You Expect?

The initial session with Dr. Fry is scheduled for 45 minutes. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to tell her everything that you think is pertinent for her to know about you and BE HEARD. After listening to all your concerns, you and Dr. Fry will then come up with a course of treatment that may include everything from nutrition & supplements to Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Homeopathy or surgery if necessary. Usually, surgery is a last resort, and rarely the first option she will recommend to you.


In order for Dr. Fry to spend an adequate amount of time with each client, she limits the number of people she sees each day. For this reason, she does not participate in any insurance plans which usually require a physician to see a high volume of people each day just to pay the rent! Instead, you will be asked to pay Dr. Fry for her services on the day you receive them. Our office will give you the necessary paperwork for you to file your own insurance. Most people are able to be reimbursed depending on their insurance coverage for out-of-network providers.

Surgical Patients

For those clients requiring surgery, a portion of the fee will be collected in advance and we will bill your insurance for the balance. Payment arrangements can also be made as needed.

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