Homeopathy is a well proven form of healing that addresses the spiritual basis for symptoms which conventional medicine labels as disease.

The basic principles of Homeopathy were discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, an 18th century German physician. Trained as a medical doctor, Dr. Hahnemann was disturbed and disillusioned by the medical treatments of his day such as blood letting and the use of caustic purgatives like Mercury and Arsenic which were designed to make the client vomit or salivate profusely. Indeed, he thought the cure was worse than the disease and often left the patient weaker and sicker.

Through many years of study and experimentation, Dr. Hahnemann discovered the basis of the healing practice he would come to call Homeopathy: The Law of Similars, Like Cures Like.

Hahnemann discovered that a substance, usually from Nature, given to healthy people, in what are called provings, will bring on a specific set of symptoms. When those same symptoms are seen in a sick person, this indicates which of the substances from the provings can be used to stimulate the Vital Force of the ill person to restore the person to health. Once the person’s Spiritual Vital Force has been restored, the symptoms disappear. These specially prepared substances used for healing are called remedies.

THE JOB OF THE HOMEOPATH IS TO CORRECTLY READ THE LANGUAGE OF THE SPIRITUAL, VITAL FORCE AND CHOOSE THE APPROPRIATE REMEDY. The language the vital force uses to communicate the need for healing is the set of symptoms, UNIQUE TO EACH CASE, which allopathic (conventional) medicine labels disease. These symptoms can be Mental, Emotional or Physical but they all BEGIN WITH A DERANGEMENT IN THE SPIRITUAL, VITAL FORCE. Thus, you can have 20 people, each with the disease labeled depression or endometriosis or migraines and THEY WILL EACH NEED A DIFFERENT REMEDY SPECIFIC FOR THEM.

You can read more about the history and basic principles of Homeopathy from the following resources.

Dr. Fry has recently written a book entitled “VITALITY! How To Get It and Keep It: A Homeopath’s Guide to Vibrant Health Without Drugs.” It will be available on Amazon.com in January, 2012.

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