Follow-up Apointments

Homeopathic treatment is a DYNAMIC PROCESS that WORKS ON THE SPIRIT to affect change in a person’s being at all levels, mental, emotional & physical. Unlike conventional medicine which suppresses symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs given in the same dose for every person, often for the life of the patient, Homeopathic treatment involves giving specially prepared remedies, in various potencies that NEED TO BE CHANGED OVER TIME. As the person’s VITAL FORCE is strengthened, the person begins to notice changes not just in their physical symptoms but in their SENSE OF WELL BEING, and in every aspect of their life. Once the Vital Force has been restored, and the person is returned to a vibrant state of health and well-being, it is no longer necessary to take Homeopathic remedies unless the Vital Force “asks for help” by producing new symptoms.

Each potency of the remedy lasts for a short period of time, usually 4-6 weeks. As the person evolves and OUTGROWS THE POTENCY, the potency of the remedy needs to be adjusted.

In order to properly adjust the potency, a person will NEED A FOLLOW UP appointment about every 5-6 weeks. THIS CAN BE DONE IN PERSON OR OVER THE TELEPHONE. Please Call 480-695-1383.