Dr. Fry seeks to understand the underlying cause of her clients’ problems and restore health, not just treat symptoms.


Introducing Dr. Kathi Fry’s Complete Homeopathy Program

Mom’s Homeopathic Rescue Kit

The must-have kit for home and travels with 20 of the most essential remedies for treating common health ailments such as colds, coughs, fever, flu, diarrhea, burns, food poisoning, injuries, motion sickness and more.

Developed from Dr. Fry’s 30 years of clinical experience, having these remedies at your fingertips will give you the immeasurable advantage of being able to immediately address symptoms and completely restore your child’s well being.

15 How-To Videos on 15 Common Ailments

When your child starts getting ill, wouldn’t you love to have trusted medical advice to relieve their suffering as quickly and safely as possible? Now you can.

Dr. Kathi Fry is a medical doctor, master homeopath and trusted source of knowledge. She has helped heal thousands of patients from many serious conditions with homeopathic remedies.

Dr. Fry’s easy-to-follow instructions, case stories and “tell it like it is” style will guide you to know exactly how to use homeopathic remedies safely and effectively for 15 different ailments. Gain the knowledge and confidence to restore your family’s vitality, health and wellness in ways you never thought possible.

You’ll find out:

  • How the pain and swelling from a bee sting can disappear in a few minutes

  • How to handle a fever without drugs

  • How to relieve a persistent cough so your child can sleep through the night

  • How to relieve teething pain

  • How to avoid antibiotics if your child develops an ear infection
    … and much more.

What’s the Remedy for That ?” Dr. Kathi Fry’s Reference Book

Quickly reference remedies and the ailments they heal with Dr. Kathi Fry’s user-friendly book. Discover more about homeopathy, how to take homeopathic remedies and get inspired by stories of patients and their children who have been brought back to health with homeopathy.

A Message from Dr. Fry

SafeBabyHealthyChild and Dr. Fry’s Facebook Group

I am very happy to be partnering with SafeBabyHealthyChild.com to bring you my Complete Homeopathy Program including a Facebook support group, Homeopathy for Common Ailments.

Here I’ll share more about how to use homeopathy successfully and answer questions from members.

Come join me and other curious parents, grandparents and caregivers to explore the fascinating, life changing world of homeopathic medicine. I’ll be sharing my expertise from over 30 years of clinical practice to help you learn a safe, effective and natural way to treat common ailments WITHOUT DRUGS.  Click here to join!