Acute Illness Or Emergencies


Due to the DYNAMIC NATURE of Homeopathic treatment, certain symptoms can arise in the course of healing. These can take the form of what are called Homeopathic Aggravations or Return of Old Symptoms. For example, a woman with a history of chronic urinary tract (bladder) infections treated conventionally over the years with many courses of suppressive antibiotics can expect to have the symptoms of these infections return at some point during homeopathic treatment.

But instead of giving her yet another course of antibiotics, the homeopathic remedy is adjusted to STIMULATE HER OWN ABILITY TO HEAL HERSELF. This may involve taking the remedy more frequently, or depending on the language of her symptoms, a second remedy may be needed. Oftentimes, once this “old symptom” has emerged and the correct homeopathic remedy given, the Vital Force is strong enough that she no longer gets bladder infections again because THE UNDERLY CAUSE (A DEFICIENCY IN THE SPIRITUAL VITAL FORCE) HAS BEEN REMOVED.


During homeopathic treatment, my clients are instructed to call the office, after hours if necessary, if they develop any symptoms that they feel need treatment. This would include symptoms of any type of infections from sinusitis to food poisoning. For clients having regularly scheduled follow up appointments, there is NO CHARGE for emergency calls.

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