Homeopathic Consultation


Homeopathic treatment is a process that begins with an initial consultation that is often referred to as “taking the case.” This entails having a session with a well-trained and experienced homeopath whose goal is to choose THE ONE REMEDY that will RESTORE THE SPIRITUAL, VITAL FORCE to its vibrant state of health. When the Spiritual, Vital Force is restored, physical, mental and emotional symptoms are removed and a deep sense of well being and vitality ensues.

How To Schedule A Consultation

A Homeopathic Consultation with Dr. Fry is scheduled for 90 minutes and this is usually sufficient for determining which remedy is needed.  Once the correct remedy has been determined, the client orders the remedy from a Homeopathic Pharmacy and is given detailed instructions on how to properly store, handle and take the remedy.

To schedule a Homeopathic Consultation with Dr. Fry, please call our office at (480) 695-1838 or fill out the form below. After office hours, please leave a message with your pertinent information and phone number and we will return your call during the next business day.

The current charge for the initial homeopathic consultation is $525.00. Credit cards are accepted and for those experiencing temporary financial difficulty, payment arrangements can be made IN ADVANCE of the consultation.

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